Private Tour


Recommended itinerary 2 to 4 days

JAGUAR KINGDOM - Photo Safari - Black Howler Monkey Black Howler Monkey
JAGUAR KINGDOM - Photo Safari - Giant Otter Giant Otter
JAGUAR KINGDOM - Photo Safari - Jaguar Jaguar
JAGUAR KINGDOM - Photo Safari - Marsh Deer Marsh Deer
JAGUAR KINGDOM - Photo Safari - Southern Tamandua Southern Tamandua
Mato Grosso State Mato Grosso State

This journey will take us deeper in to the Pantanal, at the end of the Transpantaneira road to the area with the highest concentration of Jaguars in the world.

The majority of the days will be devoted to the boat trips along the rivers, in order to maximize our chances of seeing and photographing Jaguars, as this region offers the best chance to find this rare animal, one of the most powerful and elusive cats in the world.

Our outings will always be during the day, when we will navigate our boats around the rivers in search of cats that come to the river banks in search of food, water, or just a cool breeze, often making for great photo opportunities.

Other mammals possible on this trip include Capybara, Crab-eating Raccoon, South-American Coati, Southern Tamandua, Giant Anteater, Black Howler Monkey, Black-striped Tufted Capuchin, Crab-eating Fox, Ocelot, Marsh Deer, Giant Otter and Brazilian Tapir.

Combined tour

This tour can be combined with any of the following: