Tours Testimonials

June 2023(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Pantanal and São Paulo State

"The very first thing that Edson wrote to me was that he loved his job. That fact became evident about 30 minutes into our tour and was only reinforced over the following 16 days. He is absolutely thrilled to show you the birds of his country, and I can't imagine anyone better at finding them. He was able to show us over 420 species during our trip, and each one was its own experience. We had to overcome some challenges during the trip, but we managed very well together in no small part to Edson's experience and easygoing demeanor. Mostly importantly, my wife and I now both consider Edson to be a good friend and look forward to seeing him again."

Jeffrey and Victoria Stacey
Michigan - USA

January 2023(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Manaus and Vicinity, Amazonas state

"My wife and I just returned from a 12 private tour of Amazonia with Edson. This is our second time touring with Edson. We toured the Atlantic forest and the Pantanal back in 2017. The only thing I can't figure out is why we waited so long to tour with him again! Edson's birding skills are extraordinary. His ability to recognize essentially every vocalization in the entire country is remarkable. Then he is uncannily able to call the birds in and position you for the best possible photo. I can't imagine how anyone could show us more birds and provide more/better photo opportunities. His energy is non-stop and his dedication is admirable. Edson clearly has a real passion for what he does. In addition, Edson is simply a pleasure to tour with. My wife and I found the tour not only rewarding in what we saw and photographed, but simply enjoyable. Every minute of it. We would not hesitate to tour with Edson again. "

John and Patricia Leclair
Florida - USA

November 2022(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southeast and South Brazil

"My wife and I went birding for 21 days with Edson Endrigo in the southern part of Brazil, from Sao Paulo state to Rio Grande do Sul. It was a fabulous trip! Edson is a great guide with supreme knowledge of all the birds we were chasing. He has guided for many years and it shows with his knowledge of not only in knowing the birds' vocalizations, but also with his uncanny ability to get them to approach close enough for great views and photography. He has an amazing network of other birders, friends, and guides that he can call upon for instant help with difficult species or finding out about day roosts for specialty birds. We have NO hesitation highly recommending Edson as a bird guide...and he is a really nice guy!"

Ron Hoff and Dollyann Myers
Tennessee - USA

June - July 2022(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Pantanal + Southern Atlantic Forest

"As birding guide he is second to none. His knowledge of bird calls and his field craft skills are exceptional as we experienced during both the day and night birding trips undertaken. I am hugely indebted to him for the knowledge and tips he has passed on to me for my own birding photography. He has a very amiable personality, he has a great sense of humour and it is a pleasure to be in his company at all times. I cannot recommend him enough. I will always recall were 'Well done my friends - you have just survived the Edson Endrigo Experience!'. Enjoy the experience!"

Graham and June Russell
Essex - UK

April to June 2022(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Amazonia + Southern Pantanal + Minas Gerais State + São Paulo State

"My husband and I spent 39 fantastic birding days in Brazil guided by the best guide we can imagine. If we had to create one guide, he should be like him. It was the longest trip for Edson, and from the first to the last day he was doing tough work without a break to make us as happy as we possibly could be. As it was a long trip and we only had a personal recommendation we first took in question how he manages to be apart so long from family, but his Italian temper showed him the way to share the highlights with “the one” we would also have liked to meet. We can only fall in line with all the hymn of praise concerning his birding skills (scientific knowledge, spotting, hearing, locating), which makes it most adequate to call him “the legend”. It would be very desirable that people speaking my own language (German) could explain me were to look for a bird half as precise as he does!!! With half the patience he has! We loved him for that! He never gave us a bad feeling. He never lost interest, enthusiasm, he never photographed before we could. To describe his bird showing you have to imagine that he directs a film with you and the birds in the best possible position for light, closeness without losing respect and love for the birds. The way he encounters the birds they always stay relaxed, this easy going always leads to the best experience. We are spoiled for all future guides. Sorry! The cooperation between him and the local guides, the choice of the local guides, the way he treats people in general, the way he reads the wishes of his clients, his enthusiasm for birds and bird showing all this characteristic are not the only reasons to make him so successful, the leading “skill” in my opinion is his irrepressible sense of humor!!! We are looking forward for the next adventure with him already! Thank you, Edson! And thank you Bernard, you did not promise too much!"

Karin and Manfred Koester
Fürth - Germany

July - August 2021(Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Pantanal + Southern Atlantic Forest

"My wife and I had the pleasure of birding with Edson Endrigo of Avesfoto Birding Tours of Brazil. We have visited many places over the years to photograph birds and our tour of Brazil with Edson has been one the most enjoyable tours we have ever taken and one of the biggest highlights of our travels so far. Before the trip we talked with Edson in depth about our major interests and photographic needs. He totally understood our request for species closeness, time to watch interactions, and the critical need for good light. His pre-trip communications were invaluable. He is an amazing photographer with over 20 years of experience leading tours in Brazil. Edson was thoroughly prepared for us, providing personalized checklists and copies of his authored field guides upon our arrival. He took things at our pace and was sensitive to our needs. There is nothing that we asked for that he did not go out of his way to do or get for us. Edson's knowledge of birds is EXCEPTIONAL and his enthusiasm is contagious! He truly loves what he does and is absolutely fabulous at it. It was fascinating to watch him in action, as he does a great deal of birding by ear. He has long-standing relationships with local birders, naturalists, and lodge personnel and goes to great lengths to investigate recent sightings of rare birds or special birds of interest. Meeting and touring with Edson Endrigo was an absolute delight! So much so that we are currently putting together another trip with Avesfoto to revisit Brazil and we cannot wait!"

Dave Hawkins and Laurie
Tennessee - USA

November 2020 (Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (1 people)

Southern Atlantic Forest + Manaus Vicinity and Presidente Figueiredo

"I spent 25 days in Brazil with Edson, the longest birding expedition I have ever planned, and according to Edson, the second-longest trip he had ever managed! So expectations were high! Within the first 25 seconds, however, it was clear that this was going to be a truly special experience. Edson has an infectious enthusiasm for birds, which becomes almost immediately apparent, and upon leaving the airport in Sao Paulo en route to our first stop in Petar State Park, he regaled me with countless tales of his most memorable birding experiences over the last 20 years in Brazil, which set the scene and served to whet the appetite for what was to be the trip of a lifetime. Perhaps most importantly, Edson cares tremendously that his clients not only ‘see' a bird, but ‘experience' it. After all, you really haven't really ‘seen' a Streamer-tailed Tyrant until you have experienced its display. From bird 1 on day 1 - a truly resplendent Ornate Hawk-Eagle feeding on a carcass in her nest, to bird 401 on day 11 - a Burrowing Owl and her chick at their nest entrance 100m from Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2 - for which we asked the taxi driver to pull over on the highway in rush hour traffic so we could take a closer look 2 hours before our flight to Manaus - the trip was filled with many such incredible encounters that reflected Edson's extreme passion for what he does, and will be truly unforgettable. We left the South Atlantic rainforest brimming with confidence and excitement for the Amazon leg, where we worked even harder in more testing conditions, armed with the incredible skillset and dedication of local guide Luis Fernando, unearthing the hidden gems of the Amazonian Rainforest avifauna, including 6 species described in David Brewer's ‘Birds New to Science' compendium. My only regret is that I couldn't have stayed for another 25 days! At a time where the world and the people living in it through the pandemic have seemed ever more fragmented, this was, for me, an incredible month-long journey of how birds and the joy of spending time surrounded by the positivity, dedication, humility and gifted skillsets of Edson and numerous other local guides can bring about incredible happiness and serve to build long-lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. This was undoubtedly the best and most rewarding trip I have ever been on. Please get out birding and discover Brazil with Edson!"

Dr. Wayne Paes
University of Oxford, UK

September 2019 (Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Atlantic Forest + Serra da Canastra National Park

"Edson is just outstanding as a tour guide. He is easy to talk to, fun to be with, and he has a breadth of knowledge of bird identification and vocalization that is truly remarkable. Edson made the trip a true pleasure and we look forward to another tour with him."

Frank and Susan Gilliland
Pasadena, California - US

August 2018 (Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (2 people)

Southern Pantanal - Intervales State Park

"Edson gave my wife and I the most amazing introduction to the brilliant wildlife of these two wonderful areas. As a birder and bird bander and retired English National Nature Reserve Manager I appreciated the great skill and knowledge Edson has acquired over the many years he has been photographing and guiding. His hearing and eyesight are quite amazing and I am envious as both these critical senses are failing me as I age. He has learned the habitat preferences, calls and song of so many birds and uses call playback with skill and consideration for the birds. His local guides are similarly skilled and they worked as a great team. We had so many memorable bird and animal encounters thanks to his skill and the image of a Pottoo perched on his finger will stay long in our memory. His choice of accommodation is excellent too as was the food, so important to any expedition as were the very helpful staff at both sites. Intervales and indeed that whole wonderful forest area is perhaps the largest and most diverse forest we have visited on all of our travels. I hope Brazil appreciates its wildlife resources and its importance in a World of diminishing wildlife. "

Frank and Shelagh Mawby
England - UK

March 2016 (Guide, Edson Endrigo)
Private tour (3 people)

Manaus and vicinity, Amazonas state and Roraima state

"This, my fifth birding tour of Brazil with Edson Endrigo as tour guide, was a great success. The 11 day trip was split equally between birding in the vicinity of Manaus for the birds of forested Amazonia and birding in the state of Roraima in extreme northern Brazil for a largely different suite of birds. I can recommend Edson without reservation. Edson has excellent organizational skills, is hard-working, outgoing, and knows the right folk in several of Brazil's most productive birding locales. He has excellent command of English, and is great company. His command of auditory birding in unsurpassed, both in regard to the identification of the calling bird and in his ability to locate the source of that call in space. Because so much tropical birding depends on these parallel skills, Edson is an excellent choice for birding in Brazil. Edson is one of the most accomplished photographers of the birds of Brazil and his several publications on the avifauna of different regions of Brazil feature his stunning photographs. Photographing birds in Edson's company has significantly improved my skills as a photographer. The phylogeny and taxonomy of neotropical birds is in considerable flux, with multiple splits of existing species complexes and the identification of wholly novel species. Edson maintains access to several of the research ornithologists of Brazil, meaning that he is knowledgeable of the recent and impending newly-identified bird species. Every one of my trips with Edson has produced novel species that a year or two later become officially recognized as such. "

Peter B. Armstrong, Prof. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California
Davis, CA/USA

December 2015 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (2 people)

Rio Grande do Sul State

"We've just returned from a wonderful birding tour to Rio Grande do Sul in the Brazilian South, a tour packed with rarities, speciality birds, adventure and good times. It was my fifth (and Ivan's fourth) birding trip with Edson, and we just can't think of a better guide. Many people have witnessed about his enthusiasm, energy, and ability to solve problems, as well as his birding knowledge and passion for the birds. We can only agree with those words. Having seen him in action with both small groups of hard core birders, on family trips and with bigger groups, however, we would also like to emphasize his capacity of seeing each of the participants and their desires. He makes everybody in a good humor, including all the people you meet on the way. Going on a tour with Edson gets you a lot of birds and a lot of fun."

Örjan Sjögren and Ivan Sjögren

September 2015 (guide: Andre De Luca)
Private Tour

Intervales State Park - Itatiaia National Park - Ubatuba

"Edson was unavailable for 2015 due to previous bookings. He suggested Andre De Luca as a replacement promising me I would not be disappointed. He was right. I have been on many birding trips over the past few years and never had a more enthusiastic and tireless guide. There were many days when I was tired from birding all day and Andre kept me going. His energy level was amazing. Often I find that guides reluctantly and half-heartedly go looking for owls after dinner but Andre seemed more eager to see them than I did. His skills in the forest were equally as awesome. Often he would here a bird and be able to tell what it was from only a single note. He would then work hard to get the bird to come into view. He was also very aware of birds that the client wanted to see and making damn sure that all targets were viewed as well as possible. When I next return to Brazil I will be sure to try to get him as a guide again."

Thomas Dulski

July 2015 (guide: Andre De Luca)
Private Tour

Amazonia National Park, Para State

"Our trip to Amazonia National Park was a resounding success, thanks to Andre's skill as a guide. His ability to identify birds by field marks and vocalizations is superb. He ranks right up there with the best Neotropical birders (and I have been in the field with plenty of them). I would be delighted to take another trip with him."

David Wilcove
Princeton, New Jersey/USA

September 2013 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (4 people)

Intervales State Park - Itatiaia National Park - Ubatuba

"Edson worked tirelessly to find us most of the special birds. Nobody could have done better. We had the best owling experiences that we have ever had on such trips. It is obvious that Edson loves “his” birds and loves to share them with others. Thanks to his patience and field skills he helped us to obtain the best bird trip photos that we've ever obtained. We loved that Edson has friends everywhere who provided tips on finding hard-to-get species. Edson uses playback more effectively than we have ever seen it done. He is a great problem solver and takes pride in quickly intuiting what his clients enjoy and what they want from his trips. When we return to Brazil we will certainly go with Edson."

Bob Curry and Glenda Slessor

September 2012 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (4 people)

Carajas National Forest, Para State

"I have just completed my third bird tour with Edson Endrigo in Brazil - this time to the Carajas National Forests in Para State. This is a wonderful area for forest birds, and our tour was highlighted by a pair of Harpy Eagles on the nest. As should be evident from the fact that this was my third tour with Edson, I think he is a terrific guide. He is also a wonderful companion on bird tours because of his energy, lively sense of humor, and organizational abilities. His tours are both birdy and fun! Not only does Edson have a superb knowledge of the birds and their calls, he also has an uncanny ability to locate sounds in space and to get clients onto the birds. Further he is an outstanding photographer, and the tours are superbly enhanced by the ‘on-the-spot' photographs that accompany the bird sittings. It is almost impossible to recommend Edson without sounding unrealistically enthusiastic, but I do not exaggerate when I say he must be one of the top guides anywhere and certainly among the best of the best!"

Hugh Dingle, Ph.D. - Professor
Davis, CA/USA

March 2012 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (4 people)

Intervales State Park - Itatiaia National Park - Ubatuba

"We were impressed with Edson's enthusiasm and skills at hearing, identifying and then using playback to attract forest birds that are typically difficult to see, such as the antthrushes, antbirds, tapaculos, etc. He was exceptionally skilled at pointing them out, positioning us and anticipating the bird's course through the dense forest undergrowth. He patiently pointed them out, almost always ending in a good view of the bird. Although the number of species seen was very high (301), the thing we liked the most were the unparalleled views of the lovely rainforest birds. He took special effort to show birds that we especially hoped to see. Also, his command of English was perfect so nothing was lost in translation. We were also impressed with Edson's friendliness and ability to engage support staff at the various parks and facilities. We appreciated his choice of facilities - they were right on. He was excellent with people, and had a good sense of the group pacing, important in a long trip. Every day started with a slap of the hands: “Let's go birding!!” There is probably not another guide with Edson's depth of knowledge of his area and ability to communicate that knowledge. Simply put, Edson Endrigo is the best of the best. It was our privilege to bird with him."

Brian Harrington and Martha Sheldon
Boston, MA/USA

September 2007 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (4 people)

Serra do Cipó - Serra do Caraça - Serra de Canastra

"Our recent trip with Edson Endrigo could not have been finer. He is an excellent guide with outstanding field and organizational skills, good rapport with his clients and unbounded enthusiasm. Edson knows where the birds are to be found and really loves to show them to his clients."

David Donsker
North Hampton, NH/USA

October 2004 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (7 people)

Serra de Canastra - Ubatuba - Itatiaia -Intervales

"When we first hinted that a visit to South-east Brazil was on the cards, then several recommendations about Edson were forth coming. We sent a list of our demands on the bird front. After less than an hour searching for our first target, Brazilian Merganser was on our list and we were off… in what turned out to be the most spectacular eight days birding I had ever had. With the enthusiasm, energy and incredible skill that Edson had, we cleaned up. We saw 356 species including every targeted species plus more. I could not recommend Edson more highly as a guide for anyone considering a trip to Brazil."

Carl Downing

2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2011 - 2012 - 2014 - 2015 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tours

Manny locations in Brazil

"I have been lucky enough to do a number of birding trips with Edson in the Atlantic Forest and wholeheartedly recommend him. His birding skills and local knowledge are becoming the stuff of legend, but what distinguishes him from many other bird guides is his enthusiasm and energy. There is never a dull moment with Edson and if the birds are anywhere in the neighborhood, he will dig them out for you."

John Warham

November 2005 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Ubatuba - Intervales - Serra da Canastra

"It is difficult to find enough superlatives to describe our fantastic trip to Brazil with Edson. We have been very fortunate to have been able to travel the world in search of birds, and to try to obtain photograph of some of the most elusive species. During our travels we have had some amazing experiences and met some excellent guides. We have also guided many tours ourselves and know how hard it is to please everyone. So, we are perhaps reasonably well placed to state that in our opinion Edson is, quite simply, The Best! As well as being a really nice guy, Edson's field skills are incredible - both in terms of his acute hearing and eyesight, and in his extensive knowledge of the habits of the key birds of the areas we visited. Edson is a top bird photographer and as photographers ourselves we benefited tremendously from his skills and uncanny ability to predict on which particular “beautiful branch” the bird we were seeking would land. The fact that Edson was happy for us to photograph ‘his' birds - including species he himself had not yet managed to photograph - shows just how professional and genuine he is. In terms of logistics, our trip could not be faulted. We left Brazil with photographs of over 300 species, made a great new friend in Edson, and can't wait to return for a second installment of the Edson Experience."

Andy & Gill Swash
West Hill, Devon/UK

2004 - 2005 - 2006 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Manny locations in Brazil

"Edson has many qualities that make him a great bird guide. For me, the best is his tireless energy, which he demonstrates with his typical phrase: “venga, venga, venga!” With Edson I have been taking bird videos and invariably we achieve a surprisingly high number for the time we have available. Also, he has a fantastic sense of humor, which guarantees that any trip with Edson will have excellent results and will be great fun. Highly recommended!"

Josep Del Hoyo

September 2005 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Southeast Brazil

"I had made some four previous trips to Southeast Brazil, including one with Bret Whitney, who is no slouch when it comes to finding good birds. So the want list I sent to Edson was full of difficult and even near-mythical birds. We found almost every one of them, plus some others that I hadn't even dared hope for. Edson is truly a magician when it comes to finding birds. I cannot recommend him too highly."

John Penhallurick

September 2003 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour (6 people)

Itatiaia - Ubatuba - Intervales

"Three friends and I entrusted ourselves with Edson for a six day independent trip in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Between our groups we had previously been birding in over forty different countries and had used many different bird guides, in all parts of the world. Edson was without doubt the finest guide we had ever encountered and his only fault is that he makes all others that follow seem inadequate! His knowledge of the birds of the Atlantic Forest is phenomenal and his skill at picking out calls and producing great views of the birds that make them must be seen to be believed. I cannot recommend him highly enough and would not think of setting foot in Brazil again without enlisting his help."

Ian Merrill

October 2003 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Fixed Departure Tour

Southeast Brazil

"Thanks for a wonderful trip to the Atlantic Rainforest. The birds of Itatiaia, Ubatuba and Campos do Jordão were absolutely spectacular. My favorite was the Green-headed Tanager with the red berry in its beak. Your bird-finding skills were truly amazing. I honestly cannot imagine how you found some of those birds. That is why I asked you if you have radar or heat-seeking apparatus built into your head! I also appreciated your boundless enthusiasm. You are a lot of fun to be with. Your country strikes me as beautiful, clean and safe. I have been to several South American countries; Brazil may be my favorite. I thought the food and lodging arrangements you made were fine and I appreciate the rest you gave us in the middle of the day. I look forward to traveling with you again sometime."

Scott Marshall
St. Louis/Missouri

October 2003 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Fixed Departure Tour

Southeast Brazil

"Edson is truly amazing. He has very acute hearing and remarkable vision. He knew the chip notes of all the birds and was able to bring them in close for all to see. He is extremely well organized and highly skilled at finding birds. He could filter through the rainforest chorus and hone in on a rare endemic Antthrush. He also knew the local people and customs and knew the best places to eat. We had a great time and met some nice people along the way. I highly (*****) recommend him."

Frank Murphy

October 2003 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Fixed Departure Tour

Southeast Brazil

"We have gone on 25 - 30 trips with some of the leading bird tour companies in the world, and we can happily testify that the quality of the birding was as good as or better than any other trip that we have taken. We had great views of virtually all of the birds. Your ability to identify the birds by ear and then draw them in was superb. We also were very impressed and pleased at how well you ran the day-to-day activities. The accommodations and travel arrangements also were just right, adding further to our enjoyment. Equally important too is how well you acted on the needs and wishes of each participant, making sure that they had really good views of birds and also had a good time in general. We are looking forward to planning another trip with you. We certainly will recommend your services to anyone who wants to see the birds in the areas that you cover and you should feel free to refer potential clients to us for our impressions of your services. We also feel that we have established a personal friendship with you that we hope will endure and expand over the years."

Hal Swartz & Ann Flood

December 2002 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Ubatuba - Itatiaia - Campos do Jordão

"I am writing this note to express my complete satisfaction with Edson's skills as a bird tour leader. His main quality is undoubtedly his incredible ear. He was able to locate most of the forest birds almost exclusively through their calls and to bring them to sight using his tape recorder when necessary. I saw 188 species in 3 days, among which more than 160 were new to me. He showed me forest rarities such as black capped Piprites or Forked-tailed Tody-tyrant, and difficult skulking birds from the forest floor like Slaty Bristlefront or Tawny-throated Leaftosser. He was able to identify the flycatchers, Eleanias, and other tyrannulets by their calls, allowing me to see a vast majority of those occurring in this area, without the trouble of trying to identify them by sight only…. Antbirds, antvireos, antthrushes, antshrikes, becards, manakins, woodcreepers, foliage gleaners, etc…are not easily found and identified when you are not familiar with the area. Edson did a great job in showing me a good number of them. I can only be very enthusiastic in recommending him as a guide for birdwatchers who really want to see a maximum of species during their trip. In addition, he is a fun guy… very pleasant as a travel companion!"

Bernard Cholley

December 2002(guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Campos do Jordão city, São Paulo State

"A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to bird with Edson Endrigo from Sao Paulo. This was a unique experience. We listed 117 species in 1 ½ days. The number would have been higher had it not been for the bad weather we encountered. What made this such a unique experience was Edson's knowledge of not only where the birds would be found but his ability to bring me and the birds together for very good looks and identification. Edson has a gift or talent for identifying the various species by voice. Sixty to seventy percent of the birds were found and identified first by song. And, he was never wrong! Every species was also verified by sight. Hard to see birds were easily coaxed by tapes. Edson's ability to find the birds plus his very congenial style and knowledge of the country side made this an experience well worth the investment. If you are looking for an A+ guide, Edson Endrigo is a good choice. "

Paul Mayer

May-June 2002(guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Ubatuba - Itatiaia

"I am a Bird-watcher based in the UK, and when visiting E. Brazil in May 2002 I employed the services of Edson Endrigo. I contacted Edson via e-mail ( and received a reply same day with package pricing information, itinerary options and suggestions and comments regarding certain target species in which I had expressed an interest. I arranged to spend 5 days birdwatching with Edson whilst in Brazil employing him as a guide. In the five days we saw the majority of my target species, and some 230 species in total, (a good total for the austral winter.) Edson proved to be an excellent guide; he had tapes for almost all the difficult species, knew where the birds were and how to find them, and worked hard to find species when they were uncooperative. He speaks English, was good company on the trails, and was 100% professional in all matters. He was punctual, (even when starting at 4am) and I am happy to highly recommend his services."

Chris Gooddie

August 2002 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Ubatuba - Itatiaia - Campos do Jordão

"Edson Endrigo guided my wife and I for four days in the south-east Brazilian forests. Even before our arrival, he was meticulous and helpful with email correspondence, even on the day Brazil beat England in the World Cup! We will always remember his fantastic field skills, his constant good humor, his welcoming and always positive attitude, and his genuine eagerness to make sure we saw the birds! He also ensured that we fully enjoyed and learned about the wonderful places we were visiting. His ‘never say die' approach to finding hard birds produced extraordinary after dark views of Long-trained Nightjar and Rusty-barred Owl, within seconds of each other, as well as most of the Itatiaia specialties in just two days. I would not hesitate in recommending Edson to any visiting birder or nature photographer."

Simon & Julia Woolley

September 2001 (guide: Edson Endrigo)
Private Tour

Southeast Brazil

"Edson is an amazing photographer and an eager and well-informed guide with excellent taping skills. We saw 400 species of birds in 24 days, 70 of them endemic and 240 species new to me. I have recommended Edson to many friends who have come back from SE Brazil raving about the good time and great birds that they saw with him. I can't wait to go back to Brazil and bird with Edson again."

Garry George