Private Tours

We are proud to offer 22 destinations which can be visited on our customized Private Tours, depending on your schedule and goals. We will happily organize a Private Tour led by a top quality, English speaking guide, staying at comfortable hotels for the highest quality birding experience. Just let us know where you would like to go, and how many days you have, and we will make sure you have the trip of a lifetime! Private Tours are perfect for small family groups, or friends who enjoy travelling together and particularly for birders that like to dictate their own pace - be it an easy-going photography trip, or a fast-paced run on Brazil's 200+ endemic species. Whichever is your preferred choice, we will be happy to arrange a personalized Private Tour to suit your needs.

Tour Leader, Edson Endrigo, has been guiding birders all over the world in Brazil since 2000, and is prepared to show you a great variety of endemics and some of the most difficult birds which can be found in Brazil.

Prepare for unforgettable encounters with amazing Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Manakins, Antbirds, Barbets, Jacamars, Tinamous, Cotingas, Woodcreepers, Puffbirds, Gnateaters, Foliage Gleaners, Trogons, Rails and Crakes and to identify the Flycatchers, Eleanias and Tyrannulets.

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