Private Tour

Roraima State - From South to North

Recommended itinerary 7 to 9 days

Roraima State - Black Manakin Black Manakin
Roraima State - Golden-headed Manakin Golden-headed Manakin
Roraima State - Green Aracari Green Aracari
Roraima State - Violaceous Jay Violaceous Jay
Roraima State - Yellow Oriole Yellow Oriole
Roraima State Roraima State

Roraima is the most Northerly State in Brazil, bordering Venezuela and the States of Pará and Amazonas. This rich diversity of habitats is home to more than 750 different species within its borders.

In addition to the Amazon forests, some 20% of the state is savanna, known locally as "Lavrados Roraima". Our tour will start in Boa Vista, the state capital. We will cover many of the different habitats, searching for, Rio Branco Antbird, Pale-tipped Tyrannulet, White-bellied Piculet, Brown-throated Parakeet and Finsch's Euphonia.

After Boa Vista, we will move on to discover new and different habitats. One of the highlights of our trip will be Viruá National Park, about 270 km from Boa Vista.

This area and its surroundings contain an amazing number of over 500 species of birds. Our main targets will be Yapacana Antbird, Cherrie's Antwren, Willis's Antbird, Rufous-crowned Elaenia, Black Manakin and White-naped Seedeater.

Our next area, Pacaraima City, is 200 km away from Boa Vista. We will work our way towards Pacaraima, visiting savanna and forest patches en route.

Our attention will be focused on a variety of species, including Double-striped Thick-knee, Crested Bobwhite, Bicoloured Wren, Eastern Meadowlark, Rio Branco Antbird, Hoary-throated Spinetail, White-bellied Piculet, Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Golden-olive Woodpecker and Gilded Barbet.

Along the paths, we will concentrate all our attention on finding the rare Sun Parakeet, a denizen of the dense forest edges alongside the savannas.

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