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Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island

Recommended itinerary 5 to 6 days

Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island - Agami Heron Agami Heron
Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island - Bananal Antbird Bananal Antbird
Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island - Orinoco Goose Orinoco Goose
Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island - Scarlet-throated Tanager Scarlet-throated Tanager
Kuryala Lodge & Bananal Island - White-naped Xenopsaris White-naped Xenopsaris
Goiás State Goiás State

The Bananal Island is the largest river island in the world with an area in excess of 1.9 million hectares; it is bathed by the Araguaia River and hosts an astonishing array of wildlife.

The Kuryala Lodge, located in the far north-east corner of Mato Grosso state, is an ideal base to visit Bananal and navigate the Araguaia and Mortes rivers.

Two endemic birds, the Bananal Antbird and Araguaia Spinetail are both easily found in the area, as is the handsome Crimson-fronted Cardinal, which often visits feeders at the lodge.

The extensive beaches revealed during the dry season are the favourite resting grounds of the Orinoco Goose and Horned Screamer, while river dolphins and Giant Otters are common in the river itself.

Densely vegetated streams and narrow oxbows are the preferred habitat of the rare and lovely Agami Heron and the prehistoric Hoatzin, which is abundant here.

Scrubby riverside vegetation near the lodge holds Sunbittern, Glossy Antshrike, White-naped Xenopsaris, Ashy-headed Greenlet, Amazonian Tyrannulet, Orange-fronted Yellow-Finch, Orange-backed Troupial, Scarlet-throated Tanager, . Leaving the river behind the habitat changes to dry forest and grassland, where Chestnut-bellied Guan can be found.

The variety of habitats and ease of birding in a truly wild area such as Bananal make the Kuryala Lodge an ideal destination for the birder and photographer.

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