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Edson Endrigo

Born in Sao Paulo, Edson started to watch birds at an early age on his grandfather’s farm. He has been a professional bird photographer since 1995, specializing in rare, threatened or little known species. He started his career as a birding tour guide in 2000 and, since then, has been leading tours for birders from all over the world. Edson has successfully published fourteen photographic books of birds of various regions of Brazil. With more than fifteen years’ experience, he has an intimate knowledge of the best and most hidden areas of this wonderful bird rich country. Whether you are interested in the Birds of the Atlantic Rain Forests, Amazonia, the Pantanal, or any other of the huge variety of habitats on offer in Brazil; Edson Endrigo can show them to you. There are other guides with knowledge of particular areas, but, few if any, with such wide ranging and in depth knowledge, and quite probably, none with the energy and enthusiasm which make Edson’s tours both enjoyable and unforgettable. Edson’s dedication to bird identification, plus his outstanding, natural ability to recognize calls, makes him a first choice as a guide to the birds of Brazil. Add in fluency in Portuguese and English, and you have an unbeatable guide, ready to show you the stunning birdlife of this magnificent country.

Andre De Luca

A wildlife lover since he was a little boy, Andre grew up birdwatching in the forests of the northern coast of São Paulo state during holidays and weekends. He majored in Biology and worked in SAVE Brasil (a non-governmental organization associated with Birdlife International) from 2005 to 2009, where, besides other activities, he participated in several ornithological expeditions to the woods of southeastern Bahia. He is the author of “Important Bird Areas in Brazil - Part II -Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal”. After SAVE, Andre began working as an environmental consultant in ornithology. Since then, he has traveled to the Cerrado, Caatinga and to the Amazon. He has a very acute sense of hearing, being able to identify birdsong quickly and accurately.