Private Tour

Serra da Canastra National Park

Recommended itinerary 4 to 5 days

Serra da Canastra National Park - Black-masked Finch Black-masked Finch
Serra da Canastra National Park - Brazilian Merganser Brazilian Merganser
Serra da Canastra National Park - Campo Miner Campo Miner
Serra da Canastra National Park - Golden-capped Parakeet Golden-capped Parakeet
Serra da Canastra National Park - Stripe-tailed Yellow-Finch Stripe-tailed Yellow-Finch
Minas Gerais State Minas Gerais State

Located 360 km from Belo Horizonte, the Serra da Canastra National Park is a large area of 72,000 ha, composed mainly by “cerrados” and “campo limpo” (grasslands) on the plateaus and riparian forest along the head waters of Sao Francisco River, one of the largest in Brazil.

We will bird both the high areas of the plateau as well as the lowlands which shelter well‑preserved areas of Atlantic rain forest. The park is famous for its many beautiful waterfalls, among which is the spectacular Casca d’Anta (nearly 80 meters high).

Canastra is widely known as the best location to see several rare species of birds such as the Spotted Nothura, Small-billed and Red-winged Tinamou, Brazilian Merganser, Crowned Eagle, Blackish Rail, Golden-capped Parakeet, Stripe‑breasted Starthroat, Collared Crescentchest, Brasilia Tapaculo, Campo Miner, Firewood-Gatherer, Southern Bristle-Tyrant, Sharp-tailed Tyrant, Cock-tailed Tyrant, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow, Pin-tailed and Helmeted Manakin, Ochre-breasted Pipit, Tawny-headed Swallow, Curl-crested Jay, Sedge Wren, Black-throated Saltator, White-rumped Tanager, Stripe-tailed Yellow-Finch, Black-masked Finch and the White-striped Warbler.

Night excursions often prove to be very productive with great chances of seeing Least Nighthawk, Sickle-winged and Band-winged Nightjar, Short-eared and Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl.

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